Pripomočki za premeščanje

Molift Raiser Pro

The ergonomic platform for a safe and active sit-to-stand transfer

Etac Turner Pro

A sit to stand aid with intuitive design and a small footprint

Immedia SatinSheet 2Direction BaseSheet

A base sheet that facilitates movements in the bed

Immedia SatinSheet 2Direction DrawSheet

For partly dependent users – combined with SatinSheet 2Direction BaseSheet

Immedia SatinSheet 4Direction DrawSheet

For dependent users – combined with SatinSheet 2Direction BaseSheet

Immedia SatinSheet Pillow case

Supports moving up and down in bed – combined with a SatinSheet 2Direction BaseSheet

Immedia SatinSheet In2Sheet4Direction

An incontinence pad for movement up and down and side to side.

Immedia SatinSheet set

Sets with the most popular combinations

Immedia 4WayGlide LPL

The standard 4WayGlide Mattress with handles for improved grip and a NylonSheet with lock-on-sheet function.

Immedia 4WayGlide LPL Maxi

For plus size users and wider beds

Immedia 4WayGlide Mini

For independent or partly independent users

Immedia 4WayGlide Midi

For independent or partly independent users

Immedia TwinSheet4Glide

The in-bed solution for incontinent users

Immedia MultiGlide

Nylon slide sheet with high-low friction

Immedia MultiGlide SG

Nylon slide sheet with low-low friction

Immedia MultiGlide with handles

Nylon slide sheet, high-low friction with integrated handles

Immedia MultiGlide Single Patient Use

A disposable nylon slide sheet for reduced infection risk

Immedia In2Sheet

Incontinence pad with satin

Immedia GlideCushion

Padded glide cushion

Immedia TurningMattress

Padded turning mattress

Immedia AutoTurn

Facilitates getting in and out of a car

Immedia EasyTurn

For easier moving in and out of a car or bed

Immedia OneWayGlide

For controlled and easy positioning

Immedia PediTurn

Swivel cushion for the floor

Immedia E-Board

A transfer board intended to bridge shorter gaps when performing seated transfers.

Immedia E-Board Oval

A thin, flexible board for horizontal transfer, repositioning and application of a sling.

Immedia Butterfly

A long, wide and stable transfer board with glide wing for additional slide function

Immedia 3B-Board

A stable, curved transfer board that allows transfer across wider gaps

Immedia Dolphin

A sturdy and stable transfer board uniquely designed for transfer to the toilet

Immedia Swan

Soft glide pad with handles

Immedia 2Move

Transfer board for horizontal transfer

Immedia TransferMattress

Soft padded mattress for horizontal transfer

Immedia SupportBelt

SupportBelt with handles

Immedia Sling

Multifunctional transfer aid

Immedia SmartMove

Support pad with handles

Immedia BedString

Supports sitting up in bed

Immedia SlingOn

A transfer aid for application of lifting sling and positioning

Immedia MiniBoard

Soft transfer stretcher

Immedia OneManSling

The single carer’s companion

Immedia Positioning Wedge

Support and positioning cushions with non-slip material

Immedia MultiGlide Glove Nylon

Multifunctional aid for small transfers

Immedia Rescue

Emergency evacuation slide system

Immedia NonSlip

When increased friction is required

Immedia CloverFoot

Stool for elevating position of feet